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Metro ambulance services provides ambulance in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida. With 24/7 availability and fastest reach to the needy, we are the most effective and reliant Ambulance services in Delhi NCR. Based on your requirement, we have different types of vehicles available at reasonable prices. In case of emergency, Metro ambulance is one of the most cost effective solution to get Ambulance on rent in Delhi NCR. With other special features like oxygen cylinders, medical kit, wheelchair etc. we make sure that we provide you a comfortable and safe solution. We believe in saving life and act as a bridge between the needy and the doctor. Your health has been and will always be our priority, due to which we also provide special health packages, exclusively for you.

Why us?

✓ High-quality and cost-effective service.
✓ Large and qualified infrastructure.
✓ Hassle-free legal work.
✓ Complete humanitarian approach.
✓ Widest network, Prompt action.


  1. Basic Life Support  Ambulance
  2. Advanced Life Support Ambulance
  3. Cardiac Ambulance
  4. ICU Ambulance
  5. for Events Ambulance
  6. Ambulance for Dead Body Transport
  7. Dead Body Freezer Box

For all types of events

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